Avoid Gum Disease By Staying Healthy!

OBESITY-RELATED HEALTH PROBLEMS HAVE BEGUN REACHING EPIDEMIC PROPORTIONS over the last 20 years—and the trend doesn’t appear to be reversing itself. According to the Center for Disease Control, childhood obesity has more than tripled since 1980, and 67% of adults in the United States today are considered “overweight.” Here at our practice, we understand it’s no secret that obesity is associated with a variety of medical problems including diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis—but, did you know that obesity can dramatically affect your oral health as well?

Dr. Brei Makes You Part Of Our Team Using An Intra-Oral Camera

HERE AT OUR PRACTICE, OUR TEAM TAKES GREAT PRIDE IN utilizing the most advanced technologies available in caring for your oral health.

One of the neat things about today’s technologies—especially in the case of using an intra-oral camera—is that YOU can be involved in the process of diagnosing the health of your teeth.

Some Root Canal Basics From Dr. Brei

IF YOU’RE LIKE SOME OF DR. BREI’S PATIENTS HERE IN OUR PRACTICE, you may have heard rumors that root canal therapy is painful and/or difficult. However, surveys continue to show that most people’s dental procedure fears are more about “perception” than they are about “reality”.

Dr. Brei Talks About Gum Chewing

DO YOU LOVE CHEWING GUM? Do you like to chew gum because it helps keep your breath fresh? Do you chew gum to relieve stress? Is it just a long-standing habit? If you’re like many of us here at our practice, gum is a “necessity” that some of us have a hard time going without! Dr. Brei says, “In fact, ever since Thomas Adams invented chewing gum back in 1870, it’s been one of the most common breath stabilizers around.”

Are You Ready For A Drop-Dead-Gorgeous Smile?

LET’S FACE IT… We’re not all super excited about the way our genetics have made our smiles look. It’s understandable. Add to that the wear and tear that naturally takes place over the years and many of us end up with a smile that’s less-than-appreciated. That’s where cosmetic dentistry from Dr. Brei here at our practice in Tucson can make a difference.

Dr. Brei Creates Beautiful Smiles With Cosmetic Veneers

ARE YOU UNHAPPY WITH YOUR UNEVEN AND/OR DISCOLORED SMILE? Have you noticed small chips or cracks in any of your teeth? Well, don’t worry—Dr. Brei can help! Dental veneers are an affordable and reliable solution to imperfect smiles, and here at Robert C. Brei, DDS, we’re highly experienced in cosmetic veneer treatments.

Dr. Brei Discusses A “Sensitive” Subject

ARE YOU READY TO DISCUSS A “SENSITIVE” SUBJECT? A sensitive teeth subject, that is…

Here at our practice, we realize that this isn’t an ongoing problem for a lot of our patients. However, it is for some. And, it’s almost certainly a periodic problem for most people.

Dr. Brei Reminds Us All To Brush Softly

YES, IT’S TRUE… Brushing your teeth regularly and thoroughly is an important component of our lifelong oral health. But, did you also know that there’s some important techniques to brushing your teeth? We know that outside our office, it’s not something often talked about… Not exactly common dinner conversation!

What Do You Think?

WE KNOW AT OUR OFFICE WE TALK A LOT ABOUT SMILES. In fact, we’re sorta obsessed with them. So for today, we’re interested in your opinions about smiles! Please take a moment and let us know what you think…