Take Care Of Your 40-65 Year Old Smile

FOR PEOPLE BELONGING TO GENERATIONS PAST, chances were slim that somebody could keep their healthy, natural teeth over their entire lifetime. Fortunately, today’s remarkable technologies and advanced materials, coupled with Dr. Brei’s artistic eye and extensive training greatly increase the likelihood that you’ll keep your smile for life!

65+ Year Old Smiles Require Special Care

DURING PAST GENERATIONS, chances were very slim that a person could keep his or her healthy, natural teeth over an entire lifetime. Today’s remarkable technologies and advanced materials, coupled with the artistic eyes and training of the entire team here at Dr. Brei’s practice greatly increase the likelihood that you’ll keep your smile for life!

Why Choose Dental Sealants?

ALRIGHT, WE KNOW…THE TOPIC OF “DENTAL SEALANTS” IS ABOUT AS EXCITING AS IT SOUNDS—but don’t let the boring name fool you. In some cases, this quick and easy procedure is one of the easiest things we can do for you to help prevent cavities and tooth decay.

Take Care Of Those Braces

DO YOU, OR SOMEONE YOU LOVE, HAVE BRACES? Underneath the metal, teeth are inching closer each day toward an absolutely beautiful smile! Wouldn’t it be a shame if, once those braces came off, the reveal showed cavities that had been hiding? That would be awful!

Take Care of the Teeth You Want to Keep

PREVENTIVE DENTAL CARE AND MAINTENANCE on your teeth and gums means just that, you need to devote time and care to your mouth. Think of this part of your face as the only thing on your entire body that only someone else can see, as you can never truly see your own mouth (or smile, teeth, etc. except in a mirror). The rest of the world sees what you can’t each time they look at you, yet it really runs deeper than that. Taking care of your teeth is about staying healthy too.

Why Follow Us?

WE’RE EXCITED! DR. BREI, AND OUR ENTIRE TEAM have been working hard the last several months to develop a handful of social networking tools designed for one purpose—to help our patients and future patients connect with our practice. While connecting with friends and family through these tools is great, here’s why we want to connect with you too…