Chewing Gum: The Pros and Cons for Oral Health

Chewing gum – is it good for you or bad for you? This is the stuff of which epic debates are made, and when it comes to chewing gum in all its many varieties, the debate just continues to rage. There are also many angles to consider when weighing in on the debate. For instance, when looking at straight oral health, the individual’s dental health history can factor in heavily. But when looking at other benefits, such as a purported ability to concentrate more effectively, the benefits and detriments of chewing gum are not so clear.

Gum Disease: Get It Under Control

Gum disease is a common condition with mild, but annoying results. There are two types of it: gingivitis and periodontitis. The latter is a more advanced form of the former. Both problems can be prevented with good dental maintenance, but if its too late follow these tips to manage it.

When Should My Child See The Dentist For The First Time?

Many parents think that baby teeth are not important because the child will eventually lose them. However, regular dental visits are very important even for small children. Most dentists agree that children should start seeing the dentist at the age of one. In the past, experts stated that children did not need to see the dentist until the age of three. However, this can increase the risk of cavities.

Thanks For Your Reviews And For Sharing Our Practice!

HOW DID YOU FIRST BECOME OUR PATIENT? Most of our patients find us through trusted referrals from friends, extended family members, neighbors, and coworkers. When it comes to something as important as health care, honest personal endorsements are the best guide when people are making these decisions.

Overcoming A Sensitive Gag Reflex

DO YOU SUFFER FROM A SENSITIVE GAG REFLEX? If so, receiving any kind of dental treatment may be frustrating for you. Whether the reasons for your gagging are physiological, psychological, or both… we can help. We want to be sure nothing gets in the way of caring for your healthy smile.

Good Morning, Sunshine! How’s Your Breath?

NO NEED TO BE EMBARRASSED! We all experience morning breath from time to time. Typically, our morning brushing routines get rid of it. But people wonder where morning breath comes from—and people wonder what to do if it continues throughout the day.

The Evolution Of Your Toothbrush

WHERE WOULD WE BE without our toothbrushes?! Today personal dental hygiene is easy with convenient tools like toothbrushes and floss. But have you ever wondered what people did before modern toothbrushes?

Munching On Apples And Carrots At Your 100th Birthday Party

A COUPLE OF CENTURIES AGO it was very unusual for people to have their original teeth in their mouth on their 40th birthday! And as little as 50 years ago, half of the people you walked by over the age of 65 had already lost nearly all of their teeth. Today, that number has been drastically reduced.