You deserve a smile that is healthy and full of confidence. If your teeth have been affected by age or other dental issues, a full mouth reconstruction can completely change the look of your smile and your face. The goal of a full mouth reconstruction is to rejuvenate your oral cavity, restoring both dental health and cosmetic appeal. Talk to your Tucson dentist today about whether you are a good candidate for this amazing transformative dental treatment.

Disruptive Dental Sensitivity
If you are afraid to eat certain foods because they make you uncomfortable, you could be an excellent candidate for a full mouth reconstruction. Loose teeth or ill-fitting dentures can affect your confidence and comfort when biting and chewing certain foods. Dental sensitivity to hot, cold, or spicy foods can cause extreme discomfort when you eat. A full mouth reconstruction can easily address these issues to allow you to eat all the foods you love without worry.

Jaw Pain or Soreness

Jaw pain and soreness that affect your quality of life can often be addressed through a full mouth reconstruction. Poorly positioned teeth or changes in fillings, crowns, and bridges as you age can all contribute to jaw pain and even cause recurring headaches. Tooth grinding, or bruxism, not only causes jaw pain, but affects the aesthetics of your teeth over time as well. Full mouth reconstruction can solve these issues by replacing aged dental fillings or crowns, lengthening teeth that have been affected by grinding, and ensuring your teeth and jaws are in the correct position.

Your smile is one of the first things others notice about you, and you deserve to love it. If you’d like to learn more about your full mouth reconstruction options in Tucson, contact the office of Robert C. Brei, DDS today by calling (520) 325-9000. Dr. Brei is pleased to offer family dentistry, preventive dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and full mouth reconstruction so you can enjoy a happy, healthy smile for life. You can find out more about your dental health and treatment options on our website.