Canker sores are open sores in the mouth that are often painful. There are two kinds of canker sores: simple and complex.

Simple canker sores tend to appear a few times a year and they effect people who are between 10 and 20 years old. Complex canker sores happen less often and they happen in people who have previously had canker sores.

What causes canker sores is yet to be determined. There are some ideas and theories though. Stress has been thought of as a trigger for them. Tissue injury is another thing considered a trigger.

If you have food sensitivities, that may also be a cause. The foods that seem to trigger canker sores are of the acidic variety. Other things include chocolate, nuts, and eggs. Also, toothpastes and rinses that have sodium lauryl sulfate as an ingredient may be something to look out for.
As minor canker sores tend to go away after a week or so, treatment isn’t always needed.If yours are oddly painful and large, you should try and seek help. The following are some treatment options that may be recommended.

Pastes: There are certain topical pastes, both prescription and over the counter, that may help relieve pain from the sores. They can also help speed up healing.

Mouth rinses: This is an option that will most likely be used if you have several canker sores. Your health care provider may prescribe a mouth rinse that will work similarly to the pastes.

Cautery: Cautery is where a medical tool would be used to burn or destroy tissue. This process may reduce healing time.

Risk factors for canker sores include being female and having a history in your family of them. But though they can be painful and an annoyance, getting them treated does not have to be an extensive process.

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