Few medical plans include dental coverage. This means that you have to purchase a separate dental plan to have any dental insurance. The key to choosing the right dental plan is to understand the different types of plans and to understand what each covers.

There are four main types of dental plans:
Dental PPO plans, dental HMO plans, discount plans and fee-for-service (self pay).

Dental PPO plans will allow you to visit dentists inside and outside of the network.

Dental HMO plans, also known as prepaid plans, work by requiring you to choose a dentist from a list.  If you need to see a specialist like an orthodontist of oral surgeon, your dentist will refer you to one and their HMO contracted specialists.  Visiting a dentist outside of your HMO’s network will usually result in you being required to pay the full amount.

Discount dental plans allow you to choose your dentist.  You pay a certain percentage of each service while the plan pays for the rest. The amount you pay depends upon the service. Diagnosis and preventative services may cost you just 20% while restorative work like bridges, crowns and fillings may cost you 50% for example.

Tucson dentist Dr. Brei accepts any insurance that allows you to choose your own dentist and is a “Premier” provider for Delta Dental only.  If you are limited to a list of providers, we will probably not be on that list.

If you have a list of dentists and are allowed to choose someone not on that list this is referred to as “in network” and “out of network” coverage. An “in network” provider is contracted with that insurance company. An “out of network” provider has chosen not to contract with that insurance company. There may be a difference in the benefits you will receive.  Usually that difference is minimal. I always recommend you find out what that difference is before you make any decisions.

“Dr. Brei believe that it is not in the patients best interest to be treated according to what the insurance company dictates – Each patient must receive treatment based according to their individual dental needs and not according to contracted terms. Dr. Brei holds himself accountable for the highest quality of care available and will not compromise that standard.”