We Care About the Whole Patient

Our goal is to make sure you have a clean, healthy mouth, which is an important step in promoting your overall health. Regular preventative care, like routine exams and cleanings, can help you avoid many future dental issues.

Patient Prevention Procedure

Prevention Procedures

A clean, healthy mouth is vital in promoting your overall health, and we help you manage your dental health through routine exams and cleanings.

  • Comprehensive or Periodic Exam

    A thorough initial dental exam determines baseline oral health. Periodic exams detail changes since the previous exam and document overall oral health.

  • Digital X-Rays

    Full-mouth X-rays are taken every five years to check for disease and dysfunction. If there is decay present, they are taken every three years.

  • Bitewing 1-4

    Taken on an annual basis, these traditional X-rays reveal tooth decay and other oral conditions.

  • Adult & Child Cleaning

    Periodic, thorough cleaning of the teeth helps prevent disease.

  • Fluoride – Children

    This procedure seals the surfaces of a child’s teeth to help prevent tooth decay.

  • Sealants/Fillings

    A tooth-colored compound is used to fill a cavity on one or more surfaces of a front tooth, a condition typically caused by tooth decay.

  • Intra-Oral Camera/Pictures

    Precise, true-to-life images are delivered via a small, wand-like camera; these images are an ideal communication tool between the doctors, staff, and you.

  • Periodontal Therapy (Scaling and Root Planning)

    This conservative nonsurgical treatment arrests and treats gum infections (i.e., periodontal or gum disease). This type of all-encompassing cleaning gives your teeth and gums a fresh start to better health and prepares your mouth to receive the additional therapy needed for restoration.