If you’re like most people, you have fillings and most likely, more than one! But do you know what they’re made of or how long they’ll last?

Dental fillings come in a variety of materials, prices, cosmetic appeal, and longevity. You have many options! Take a look below at the types of fillings available. You may have questions. Feel free to contact Dr. Brei or Dr. Schneider. Call us at: 520-325-9000.

What fillings do you have? What fillings would you like?


This has been the go-to filling for decades. Amalgams were popular because they were inexpensive, strong and usually lasted more than ten years. On the downside, they’re made of metal and are a dark, metallic color, which can look unattractive. Are these the fillings you have?

Composite Resin

This is a bit more expensive than amalgams, but stronger and a lot less visible. Composite resins bond to your teeth and many times require less dental drilling. The downside is they don’t last quite as long as amalgams. Got questions? Call us. We are here to assist.

Glass Ionomer

Made from acrylic and fluoroaluminosilicate. Simply put, that huge word means a component of glass. While the cost and life expectancy are about the same as a composite resin, an advantage is that these fillings release fluoride, which protects the tooth from further decay. Glass ionomers aren’t quite as strong as other types of fillings, and the limited range of colors won’t always match your tooth as precisely as the composite resin.


Usually made of porcelain, these fillings have a number of advantages, including being durable, stain resistant, long-lasting, and easily matched to the color of the tooth. Ceramic has many advantages! Call Dr. Brei’s office for more information about ceramic fillings.


Bling! Still the filling material of choice for many, gold has the advantage of being well-tolerated by patients with sensitivity to other materials. It lasts longer than other types of fillings, and—because it’s actually a gold alloy—is stronger and more durable than other materials. The downside for some? It’s a gold color and the filling will not match the color of your tooth.

Your best bet for getting the best filling for you, your budget and your lifestyle is to contact our office. Visit Dr. Brei or Dr. Schneider and they’ll help you make the right choice for YOU. Make your appointment today! Call us at: 520-325-9000.