As a parent, there are few things more important to you than your child’s health. You want to make sure that your child leads a happy life with a beautiful smile, which is why it’s important to encourage good dental habits from an early age. Your child should start visiting the dentist around her first birthday, or when her first tooth erupts—whichever comes first. Though your child may not have visible teeth for her first year of life, it’s still essential to take care of her oral health as it can affect how her teeth develop. Keep reading to learn more about taking care of your kid’s teeth.

First Dental Visit

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, your child should have her first visit to the dentist by her first birthday. Though this may sound like a very young age to be visiting the dentist, recent studies have shown that children are getting cavities earlier and earlier in life. This first dental visit is as much for you as it is for your child, as you’ll learn how to take care of your young one’s teeth and gums, tips for preventing accidents, and what milestones you should look for in her oral development.

Preparing for the First Visit

Once you have found a good family dentist to care for your child’s teeth, you can begin to get ready for the first visit. Be sure to bring any specific questions or concerns you have so that your dentist can give you as much information as possible. You may want to bring a notebook to jot down what you want to remember, though your dentist may also have pamphlets containing what you need to know. Some children may be fussy in the dentist’s chair, though others may be surprisingly cooperative, enjoying the attention they’re given.

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