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The Remarkable Benefits Of A Healthy Mouth

GOOD NEWS! Taking care of our mouths actually improves our smiles! In fact, today’s research continues to connect the dots between your healthy mouth and your healthy body. Here at our practice we know that it’s never too early to start teaching children about the importance of consistent dental care. Healthy habits learned at a young age pay off in the future!

Gum Disease Basics

HAVE YOU EVER BEEN ADVISED TO WATCH FOR SIGNS OF GUM DISEASE? Chances are, if you’ve ever visited a dentist, you’ve been checked—to some extent—for symptoms of this problem. Here at our practice, for many of our patients, a routine check typically reveals healthy, disease-free gums. We’re glad for that… But sometimes people with healthy gums forget that it’s still important to regularly look for early signs of a problem.

Dr. Brei Reflects On His Dentistry Career

THE OTHER DAY I WAS IN A REFLECTIVE MOOD, THINKING ABOUT my career in dentistry, and the reasons why I became a dentist with a practice here in TucsonI love what I do each day. I know there are lots of people in the world who can’t honestly say that about their job—so, I feel really lucky to be able to say that.

Dr. Brei Talks About Gum Chewing

DO YOU LOVE CHEWING GUM? Do you like to chew gum because it helps keep your breath fresh? Do you chew gum to relieve stress? Is it just a long-standing habit? If you’re like many of us here at our practice, gum is a “necessity” that some of us have a hard time going without! Dr. Brei says, “In fact, ever since Thomas Adams invented chewing gum back in 1870, it’s been one of the most common breath stabilizers around.”

Are You Ready For A Drop-Dead-Gorgeous Smile?

LET’S FACE IT… We’re not all super excited about the way our genetics have made our smiles look. It’s understandable. Add to that the wear and tear that naturally takes place over the years and many of us end up with a smile that’s less-than-appreciated. That’s where cosmetic dentistry from Dr. Brei here at our practice in Tucson can make a difference.

Dr. Brei Creates Beautiful Smiles With Cosmetic Veneers

ARE YOU UNHAPPY WITH YOUR UNEVEN AND/OR DISCOLORED SMILE? Have you noticed small chips or cracks in any of your teeth? Well, don’t worry—Dr. Brei can help! Dental veneers are an affordable and reliable solution to imperfect smiles, and here at Robert C. Brei, DDS, we’re highly experienced in cosmetic veneer treatments.

Bottled Water, Cavities, And Your Teeth

WHILE BOTTLED WATER CONSUMPTION HAS INCREASED, many believe the similar rise in cavities (especially in children) is more than just coincidence. There are a number of factors that play into this discussion—including the community in which you live. Some communities have fluoride in their water, while others promote floride supplements for children at certain ages.

Caring For Young 1–20 Year Old Smiles

FOR OUR GREAT, GREAT GRANDPARENTS, the chance was SO slim that they could keep their natural teeth over their entire lifetimes. But today, wonderful technologies and advanced materials, coupled with the artistic vision and the extensive training of Dr. Brei, means there’s a greatly increased likelihood that YOU will keep YOUR smile for life!