DUE TO COMMON THINGS LIKE WEAR AND TEAR,  TRAUMA, AND DISEASE, some of us are unlucky enough to experience permanent tooth loss. No matter who you are, tooth loss leads to oral discomfort and a lack of confidence, and Dr. Brei is doing his best to prevent it everyday. Unfortunately, it cannot always be avoided, BUT—there is another solution!

Implant dentistry goes all the way back to the 50’s, and boy has it come a long way. Scientists originally learned how to fuse bones with titanium, making natural bone support possible and today Dr. Brei uses this original discovery to copy the natural root and tooth system of your individual mouth.

First, implants are placed within the gum line. Then, they are given 3–6 months of healing time to ensure that they reach complete and proper fusion. After the implants have sufficiently healed, the custom bridge, crown, or dentures can be inserted. Unlike traditional dentures, this solution offers a much stronger and longer lasting system, giving you the confident smile you desire for life.

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Here is a simple illustration of how dental implants work:

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