While these continue to be somewhat difficult times, the office of Dr. Brei is happily – and safely – returning to normal. 

Did you know that our office has been open for emergencies throughout the COVID-19 pandemic? We’ve been here, standing by to help all those with any type of oral issues. In preparing the office for emergency work, we created a number of procedures to keep our patients and our staff as safe as possible. As we re-open, we will maintain those same safeguards so that everyone visiting Dr. Brei’s office feels confident that their well being is our first priority. To maximize everyone’s safety, we’ve put in place the following procedures:

  1. Make an appointment with Dr. Brei in the usual way – either by calling (520) 325-9000 or by visiting our website
  2. When arriving for an appointment, patients will need to call or text the office from their car to announce their arrival. 
  3. You will be able to check-in for your appointment using your cell phone through a link you will receive.

Additionally, we’ve taken the following precautions: Click To View

  • All clinical and business functions will occur in the treatment room. 
  • We are using disinfectants on countertops and other surfaces before and after each patient. 
  • We are wearing disposable face masks, gloves, and protective eyewear during all patient interactions. 
  • We are using hands-free trash cans for disposal of all items. 
  • All shared surfaces, such as patient chairs in treatment rooms, door handles and the like, are disinfected after each patient. 
  • With the exception of parents in the treatment room with children, no other guests or family members are allowed.

We’d like to thank all of our patients for their cooperation and understanding. In the meantime, we are open and can’t wait to see all of our patients. If you have any questions, please call us at (520) 325-9000.

From Dr. Brei and our entire staff of professionals, thank you!