The Vaccine’s Impact

A number of different coronavirus vaccines have made it through the testing and approval process and are now being distributed in the US at a rate of over 1.3 million doses per day. It’s a testament to the wonders of modern science and technology that these vaccines are ready so soon and that they have such a high efficacy rate. A lot of people still feel skeptical about them, though, and that’s what we want to address in this post.

Trust the Science

We know how difficult the coronavirus has made the last year, and we know how eager everyone is for things to go back to normal. The temptation to act as we all did in pre-pandemic days is very real, but it’s critical that we stay the course now that we can see the light of the vaccination at the end of the tunnel. How frustrating would it be to catch the virus now, when we’re so close to being protected from it?

Social Distancing Still Matters

Staying at least six feet apart from people not within our household whenever possible is an important way to minimize risk, both for ourselves and for those we encounter who are in more vulnerable groups. The longer we stay in one place among people not from our household, the greater the risk. Fortunately that means a quick trip to the grocery store is fairly safe.

The Vaccines Don’t Mean Instant Immunity!

A growing number of people have been fortunate enough to already get one or both of their vaccine doses, but keep in mind that the protection the vaccines offer isn’t instantaneous. It takes time to generate antibodies, so don’t throw your masks away and start hugging strangers the minute you get the vaccine. Continuing to wear a mask and practice social distancing after vaccination also protects other people, because we don’t yet have confirmation that the vaccines prevent transmission as effectively as they prevent infection.

Bring Questions to Your Health Care Providers

Like the virus itself, there’s a lot of false information floating around, so make sure you’re getting your information from good sources, such as the CDC and your healthcare providers. If you want to know what our practice has been doing to keep our team and patients safe during the pandemic, give us a call.

We Love Our Patients!

During this challenging time, everyone at Dr. Brei’s office has made the safety of their patients their number one priority. Watch this video showing all the steps Dr. Brei has taken to protect patients and ensure every patient’s comfort, safety and wellness.

If we keep pulling together, we’ll make it to the end of COVID sooner, in the hope of a better tomorrow.