Answer: They Both Use The Principle of Divine Proportion

DID YOU KNOW THAT HIGHLY ESTEEMED COSMETIC DENTISTS LIKE DR. BREI use Leonardo da Vinci’s “Principle of Divine Proportion” when designing gorgeous new smiles? Well, it’s true!

Dentists must take many factors into account when designing a smile including the patient’s lifestyle, age, and unique physical characteristics. There are also many other qualities associated with teeth themselves that Dr. Brei must consider—including the fact that our teeth tend to shorten with age as they wear.

Dr. Brei takes his artistic inspiration and experience and turns it into flawless smiles. In some cases, procedural and design techniques require tooth lengthening or shortening. Crowns bring subtle, yet irreplaceable dimensions to a patient’s facial proportions, and sometimes veneers are also considered to widen your teeth or broaden a smile. It is surprising to see the huge difference these simple adjustments make. Science and art become one.

If you have a mirror handy, take a few minutes and ask yourself the following questions:

> Can I draw a vertical line from my pupil to a corner of my mouth?
> Does my face divide into fifths vertically (5x the width of one eye)?
> Does my face divide horizontally into thirds?
> Does the lower third of my face divide into thirds again (from nose to chin)?

It’s fun to see mother nature’s intricate and “divine” connections to artistic principles.

Dr. Brei adds, “Fixing one’s smile through cosmetic dental procedures is absolutely worth the investment. There is nothing more fulfilling for me, and our team, than helping create the life-changing transformations that take place through smile makeovers.”

Have you ever wondered how your life would be impacted if you had a truly unforgettable smile? What it would do to your self confidence? How would that increased self confidence affect every facet of your life, including your relationships and career? Quite wondering! Come in and see for yourself.

Chances are, once we’re through, you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

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